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Load Handler - The Pickup Truck Unloader now in the UK

         A quicker & safer way of unloading your pickup - Simply fits on to tailgate - no drilling or welding

Welcome to the Loadhandler UK website Ė for the pickup truck unloader

Loadhandlers now in stock!

The Loadhandler Unloader LH2200M is a purpose built pickup truck accessory for simply and safely unloading materials from your pickup truck. The Loadhandler is an ideal tool for groundworkers, landscape gardenerstree surgeons, log merchants, farming, nurserymen, equestrian use, builders and DIY Ė in fact anybody who needs to transport loose, bagged or palletised materials in a pickup.

With a little modification in the workshop, the LM3000 Loadhandler could even be used to unload flat-bed trucks and trailers.

The Loadhandler system consists of a strong heavy gauge low-friction poly fabric 'Dragsheet' rolled onto a steel bar that runs the length of the tailgate. The unit, retained by sturdy bodywork-friendly brackets, straps onto the tailgate in a couple of minutes or less. There is no welding or drilling involved and itís easy to remove Ė just unclip it.

Once in place, to load, just unfurl the Dragsheet to cover the whole bed and load the truck in the normal way by hand or machine. To unload, lower the tailgate to the horizontal, insert the crank handle into the end of the roller bar and rewind the Dragsheet. Crank the load to the rear Ė and then progressively as needed onto your site, driveway, into wheelbarrows, sheets, or just in place ready to offload with a forklift. Simple!


Loadhandler Unloader - simple and safe - and now available in the UK  

View Loadhandler VideoUsing the Loadhandler ensures you take safety seriously. There's no more standing at the tailgate or the side breaking your back shovelling from the waist. It also eliminates the danger of climbing up onto the load to shovel it out.

Simple to fit - No drilling!Uses include the unloading of logs, woodchip, mulch, ballast, blocks, compost, topsoil, garden waste, bagged materials, pallets, hay and straw bales. When youíve finished, finally rake out any residue thatís left behind the arches or try the new Bedrakeô a durable moulded tool to clean out your pickup truckís liner!

Use the Loadhandler to unload 'loads' of materials...

Itís simple and safe and depending on the model, itís rated for loads between 1000kg and 1300kg.

Loadhandler now available in the UKThe Loadhandler was developed, tried and tested in the USA where some 600,000 units have been sold. Now itís to be established in the UK and in the new model format only available from Galbraith Bros., the sole UK distributors, who are engineers involved with quality tools and machinery for some 60 years.

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We are the sole distributor of Loadhandler for the UK, France and The Netherlands
Exclusively supplied throughout the UK by Galbraith Bros Ltd

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